Low Life Spammer – You Have Been Called Out!

Fighting Blog & Forum Spammers – One Low Life At A Time!


Oh Snap!…  Did you clicked on a spammer’s link?

Why Am I Seeing This Page?
What does this mean?

It means that the admin of a Blog, Forum or some other legitimate site is fed up with the constant comment and post spamming being placed on their sites by the scum too lazy to promote their Gambling, Porn and Fly-By-Night websites in a professional manner.

Since they were dumb enough to leave their spam on a site that someone else controls, the site has changed the spammer’s link to LowLifeSPAMMER.com


That’s right, this spammer has been called out.
Don’t trust these idiots!

Site Owners: Feel free to use this site to make your point. Please make sure you’re absolutely sure you’re being spammed. LowLifeSpammer.com will not be held responsible for any damages or hurt feelings. Please play fair. Calling the forum and Blog spammers out. Just a clever way to make a point.

Rather than delete their unwanted posts and comments, you can simply change their site URL to:

Take your stand against SPAM!

(Ctrl-C to copy URL)

Fighting Blog & Forum Spammers One Low Life At A Time!


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